Blood Red Shoes - from two people, a sound that fairly explodes.
Blood Red Shoes – from two people, a sound that fairly explodes.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Blood Red Shoes – live at Lowlands Festival 2014 – VPRO/3VOOR12

Another check-in at the Lowlands 2014 Festival tonight. Reiterating that it’s been an embarrassment of riches in the Festival circuit this year. A lot of bands, a lot of surprises and a lot of great music.

Blood Red Shoes have been around for a while. The Bristol duo have four albums out. Together since 2004, they have scored very highly on the Alternative radar, having opened for a host of bands, including The Breeders in 2009 during the ATP Festival, and have a solid reputation.

Their latest self-titled album, which was released this past November marks a first-time self-contained endeavor. It was produced, recorded and mixed by the band and has gotten very good reviews.

Embracing a number of genres, from Alternative to Shoegaze and Stoner-Rock, Blood Red Shoes is a powerhouse of energy, and very hard to believe it’s coming from just two people. Playing at Lowlands this year has expanded their audience greatly, which is a great move because they have something to say.

So far, they are sticking around Europe, with a number of tour dates between now and November taking them primarily to Germany, but ending up the month back in the Netherlands and then to Belgium.

It would be nice if 2015 saw them show up in the U.S.

Until then, here’s a sample of what you can look forward to if they hit this side of the Atlantic soon.

Good stuff – play loud – great energy.

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