Flying Burrito Brothers (early 1970) - Seminal band of the Early Country-Rock genre. Gram Parsons (front row -left) would leave before tonight's concert.
Flying Burrito Brothers (early 1970) – Seminal band of the Early Country-Rock genre. Gram Parsons (front row -left) would leave before tonight’s concert.

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Ending up this week of early 70s West Coast Country/Folk/Rock aggregates with The Flying Burrito Brothers, recorded live in Concert at The Fillmore East on July 11, 1970.

One of the seminal bands of the movement, The Flying Burrito Brothers were a springboard for a wave of talent, who went off to find their fortunes with other bands. But at the time they were an essential element in cultivating this new sound.

Initially put together by former Byrds members Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman, along with pedal-steel player “Sneaky Pete” Kleinow and Chris Ethridge. The band eventually included another Byrds alumnus, Michael Clarke, on drums.

Their debut album The Gilded Palace Of Sin, in 1969 was critically hailed as the coming of the next logical step in the progression of Rock. At the time however, it failed to live up to sales expectations and this created some friction within the band.

By Spring of 1970, founding member Gram Parsons left, shortly after the release of their second album Burrito Deluxe. And it’s around this time that this concert was performed.

Other members of the Burritos included members who would eventually form The Eagles. Chris Hillman would leave to form the short-lived Souther, Hillman, Furay band and all of them would make their presences known in one form or another during this busy period of musical change.

But The Flying Burrito Brothers have remained the band which formed the foundation from which other bands came along and added to. Their contribution can’t be stressed enough. And even though The Byrds (just before the departure of Hillman, Parsons and Clarke) would be heavily involved in the change of direction which incorporated this new sound, there was still that element of the old Byrds which kept them rooted to their past, in the eyes of the audience. The Burritos were a new entity and a complete break from anything that had gone on before. They were fresh and new.

If you aren’t familiar with the music of The Flying Burrito Brothers, here is a good example of their early work. They would go through a lot of changes after this, but the 1970 period is a good place to check out. Parsons and Hillman have achieved legend status; Parsons certainly after his untimely death – it’s a shame he’s not on this lineup.

But hopefully it will spark your curiosity to discover more.

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