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January 6, 1941- State Of The Union – FDR And Four Freedoms

Become a Patron! Seventy-nine years ago today, President Franklin Roosevelt delivered the annual State Of The Union Address which has become known as The Four Freedoms Address. FDR: “In the future days, which we seek to make secure, we look forward to a world founded upon four essential human freedoms....


October 25, 1983 – “We’re From The Government, We’re Here To Help . . . .”- Invasion Of Grenada – Aftermath of Beirut Bombing

Become a Patron! This day, 30 years ago we were busily invading the tiny Caribbean island of Grenada in what has been described as “A lovely little war”. Considered a threat to stability in the region, the small island was at the center of a controversy involving Cuba, a lot...


October 23, 1962 – Cuban Missile Crisis: War Footing

Become a Patron! As the Cuban Missile Crisis reached the second day, ominous signs were apparent everywhere. Orders were issued, a blockade was to be enforced, protests were lodged, reserves were called up. The threat of war inched closer. And everyone sat and listened and waited and felt generally helpless...

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July 19, 1965 – “Not Since Korea” – Vietnam Takes A Turn – Funeral For Adlai Stevenson

Or click on the Link: News for July 19, 1965 Become a Patron! In what was described by commanders in the field as the worst fighting since The Korean War, the war in Vietnam took a new and deadly turn, this day in July, 1965. Despite attempts by The Pentagon...

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March 6,1975 – The Situation In Cambodia – Pres. Ford’s Press Conference –

March 6, 1975 – President Ford’s Press Conference – The Situation In Cambodia – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – March 6, 1975 – As the situation in Cambodia grew dimmer and as Vietnam was getting ready to capitulate, President Ford held his 10th Press Conference since taking office – he...

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December 20, 1989 – Deposing Noriega

December 20, 1989 – CBS Radio News – reports and bulletins – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – December 20, 1989 – Shortly after midnight on this day, A U.S. invasion force of some 20,000 troops came ashore in Panama with the objective of removing Panamanian strong-man Manuel Noriega and putting...