Life took a sudden change.
Life took a sudden change.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – CBS World News Roundup – June 11, 1991 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

A busy, hectic and confusing day if you were living anywhere near the very active volcano on Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines, this June 11th in 1991.

Mass evacuations from the U.S. military installation at Clark Airforce Base to the Subic Bay Navel base, had personnel scrambling, loading on planes and boarding ships ahead of what was expected to be a major eruption at any moment.

Ash was showering nearby villages and earthquakes were coming with increased frequency. Lava was reported to be seen oozing from the volcano, but at the moment there were no major eruptions. For the moment it was Panic and Wait.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world; Jordan’s King Hussein was taken to a military hospital overnight. Palace spokesmen said the Monarch was suffering from a recurring heart problem and this latest irregular heartbeat was cause for concern, but not panic.

Protests were being lodge against Kuwait for what was said to be forced expulsions of civilians into Iraq. A diplomat said it violated an agreement reached at the end of the war.

In Sri Lanka, Tamil Tiger rebels were reported to be ready for peace talks to end an 8 year old civil war and suggested negotiations take place somewhere in Europe. It was rumored to be the first time the rebel group wanted to talk about peace.

The purported $80 billion Savings and Loan bailouts were said to be not enough and that the price tag could reach as high as an additional $50 billion. Apparently, the Government Accounting Office found a mass amount of foulups from the Resolution Trust Corporation. Examples included one blunder to the tune of an award of a nearly $7.4 million contract to a management company to look after assets it turned out the RTC had already sold. Spokespeople at the RTC told the GAO to lighten up. Our tax dollars at work . . .
A rumored 440 more banks could go under, according to the GAO.

Prescott Bush, older brother of President Bush was reportedly paid to help arrange the 1989 purchase of a financial services company by a Tokyo firm with strong tied to Japan’s underworld.

New Orleans was caught in a drenching rainstorm which brought some 6 inches in one 90 minute period. Rush hour commuters were caught in the deluge, forcing many to abandon their cars to the rising waters, and one 10 year-old boy was missing. Heavy rains were flooding the midwest and wreaking havoc with corn planting season and threats of a financially disastrous season for farmers.

And the unofficial winners in Baseball’s National League expansion sweepstakes were Miami and Denver. Confirmation was pending, but some fans were predicting World Series games for Denver in the future.

And that’s a small slice of what went for this June 11th in 1991 as reported by The CBS World News Roundup.

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