Sweating it out

The nail-biting, heart-pounding, sweat-inducing joys of Fundraising. And only hours left to go!

Sweating it out
The nail-biting, heart-pounding, sweat-inducing joys of Fundraising.


Coming  up on the weekend, and still only 15% of our goal. We had a surge in pledges earlier in the week, but it’s slowed down and we need to keep the momentum going. I can’t tell you how crucial your contributions are. It’s the well-being of Past Daily and the continuing effort to preserve and digitize the thousands of hours of History, News, Music and Pop Culture still left to do. It’s a massive project, but we’re chipping away at it – and that’s why we need your support. And because that support doesn’t come from advertisers and because we don’t charge a subscription (because I don’t think it’s right or even moral to charge you for history), we have to come to you; the audience, the people who drop by every day or a few times a day, or the ones who have just heard about us who are interested and like what you hear. You’re the ones I’m appealing to help chip in to keep us up and running. We’re not asking for a lot – the cost of a cup of Starbucks. I’m not asking for a lot from a few of you – but a little from as many as we can convince – those  of you who like what we do and want to help. Donating to our Spring Fundraiser is Tax Deductible – we’re affiliated with a non-Profit and that means we can take advantage of all the benefits a site like ours can offer. But really; where else are you going to go where you can hear a Reagan Press Conference, a World War 2 newscast, a top-40 aircheck from 1966, a concert the night before from Paris or a festival in 1980 from Amsterdam – all in one place? You would call Past Daily eclectic – we do a lot of things and we play a lot of things for a lot of different people. Some of you like news but aren’t crazy about Classical Music – some of you are crazy about Classical Music but aren’t too wild about Radiohead. Some of you love Radiohead but can’t figure out why there’s an FDR speech from the 1930s on the site. It’s all part of the variety that keeps our lives interesting; keeps us stimulated and keeps us wanting to know more. And it covers a huge range of subjects because people are capable of absorbing a lot every day – we’re not one-dimensional – we like a lot of different things for a lot of different reasons. You could say, without too much hesitation, that Past Daily is one of the most unique sites around – and I admit, we are. And because we’re unique, we don’t limit ourselves to one thing or one subject, and we have to appeal to you to help us keep that going. So, if you like what we do – like the idea that we’re a place you can find and listen to a huge variety of things – then I urge you to please consider chipping in what you can, so we can keep doing it. I can’t do it without your support and we only ask a couple times a year. Tell your friends and help us meet our goal this weekend.

Click on the link in the box below and it will take you to our Indiegogo site where you make your donation and grab some peace-of-mind. We’l be beyond grateful.

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