William Sessions

FBI Director William Sessions - wanted to go "Texan To Texan" with David Koresh. A confidence killer.

March 18, 1993 – Trimming Pork – Losing Confidence Over Sessions – Bringing Supplies To Srebrenica

William Sessions
FBI Director William Sessions – wanted to go “Texan To Texan” with David Koresh. A White House Confidence killer.

March 18, 1993 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

March 18, 1993 – Not a catastrophic news day compared to others, but enough to keep the world on its toes. Beginning on Capitol Hill where the great debate over the proposed Clinton Stimulus Package included trimming tons of “pork” from the bill – such as $800,000.00 for the Olympic Canoe team – $1.4 million for drawings of historic buildings and 1/2 million for a Golf Course and many others. Despite all these red-flags, the bill was expected to pass the House later on this day. The Senate was a different story.

House Speaker Tom Foley’s office was investigating the fraudulent use of a Telephone credit card issued to his office. The card reported was used to make an undisclosed number of calls to a sex-line.

FBI Director William Sessions was in hot water with the Clinton Administration and lost a big vote of confidence in the White House after his offer to negotiate ‘Texqn to Texan” with Branch Davidian leader David Koresh, currently engaged in a standoff with FBI and ATF agents in Waco. The curious offer raised a few questions and more than a few eyebrows and confidence in Sessions plummeted.

Tenants were returning to the World Trade Center after the bombing earlier in the month that killed 6 people. Port Authority Officials said people should feel safe and that security had been stepped up.

In the previous six years, some 47 inmates died in Mississippi jails, 24 of them Black. Federal and State officials concluded that all were “suicides” but Civil Rights leaders said at least three Blacks were lynched. Hearings were opened to look further in to the allegations.

And after being blocked by Serbs for eight days, a UN Aid Convoy began rolling toward the starving town of Srebrenica in Eastern Bosnia. However, it was halted again by Serbs and ordered to return to its starting point. The saga continued.

And that’s a small slice of what happened on this seemingly “light news day” for March 18, 1993 as presented by The CBS World News Roundup.

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