Kula Shaker - Brit-pop, Psych and a dollop of Krishna all at once.

Kula Shaker - Brit-pop, Psych and a dollop of Krishna all at once.
Kula ShakerBrit-pop, Psych and a dollop of Krishna all at once.

Kula Shaker – Live At Cambridge Junction – Sept. 30, 1996 – BBC 6 Music

As the 90s continued to spin in different directions, even the Brit-Pop movement was taking on new shapes and forms. Kula Shaker arrived with its heavy leanings on Psych and a huge nod to the music of India and the message of spirituality.

It found massive appeal and Kula Shaker secured a string of top-10 hits and a number 1 debut album. They went from being newly formed and discovered to mainstream sensations in a matter of months. And they were riding the crest of a very popular wave for a time.

And then in 1997 things went haywire. Management problems, band disagreements and front man Crispian Mills‘ somewhat bonehead comments regarding Swastikas to the press and a storm of controversy ensued. Mills apologized for a bad choice of words and associations, but the damage had been done and the audience turned somewhere else.

By 1999 the band called it a day. But it was a good four year run while it lasted. In 2004 though, signs were pointing in the direction of a reformed Kula Shaker and by 2006 it was announced Kula Shaker were back together for good. So the story continues and new material has been coming out.

But as a reminder of what the initial excitement was about, here is Kula Shaker in concert at Cambridge Junction, recorded by the venerable BBC Radio 1 on September 30, 1996.

It’s a suggestion you play this one loud – it’s Monday night anyway so . . . .let it rip, and get ready for the week.

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