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Medicare And Mayhem – August 21, 1983

Click on the link here for Audio Player:  CBS Radio – Face The Nation + Hourly News – August 21, 1983 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection A day of stark contrasts from opposite sides of the world, this August 21st in 1983. At home, attention was on Capitol Hill and...


FDR Signs Social Security – August 14, 1935

Click on the link here for Audio Player – President Roosevelt signs The Social Security Act of 1935 – August 14, 1935 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection Since it’s been a bone of contention and the target of avid attempts at dismantling it, here’s a reminder of what all the...


Another Year, Another Congress – January 3, 1983

Click on the link here for Audio Player: News for January 3, 1983 This January 3rd in 1983 saw the opening day of the 98th Congress. Speculation and swearing  in pretty much filled up the days news, but everything was guaranteed to settle down once President Reagan gave the State...