Increasing the voltage in a few seats.

Increasing the voltage in a few seats.
Increasing the voltage in a few seats.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – The Police – In concert at Markethalle, Hamburg – January 14, 1980 –  RBB, Berlin

Classic concert this weekend. Early Police, as recorded in concert for Rockpalast by RBB in Berlin at Markethalle, Hamburg on January 14, 1980.

The Police were one of those quasi-Punk bands who skyrocketed to fame in a very short period of time. Thanks to an endless catalog of hits, almost any Police concert wound up being an extended Greatest Hits show. They couldn’t help it . Just about everything they did was instantly recognizable and were, frankly, great examples of songwriting.

Coupled with an infectious high energy, The Police during this zenith period were a wildly successful group. Which more or less points up as to why Sting on his own never matched the success of the group as a whole. But that seems to be a problem encountered often; when a group splinters off into a series of Solo ventures – the individual accomplishments pale in comparison to the sum-total of the previous incarnation. Just my opinion, but I don’t find as much to recognize in Sting that I did in the Police as a group.

Well . . .have a listen to this concert from 1980 – all 72 minutes worth, and see if you don’t agree.

Enjoy and play loud, either way.

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4 thoughts on “The Police – Live At Markethalle, Hamburg – 1980 – Past Daily Backstage Weekend

  1. Blimey, I just gotta cop this one . . .

    My wife thinks Sting is True Fab, and plays his music a lot; my own feeling is that he made a few good singles, most of which I’m fed up of hearing so often. Same goes for The Police, really, but I’ll listen to this gig and thank you wholeheartedly for the opportunity to do so.

  2. Wow…I thought I’d be the first to say “meh”…although your sharing this with most of the rest of the world who’ll very much love it offsets that “meh” by miles.


    Although as a music fan, I could certainly see why people loved the Police…hooky as hell, good/great musicianship…they just never clicked with me. I lived in Ann Arbor in 1980, and the Michigan Theater (a movie house) booked them with XTC as the opening act. Now THEM, I lurved. “Drums And Wires” was about a year old at the time, and was on my turntable constantly.

    XTC (pre-Partridge stage fright) were incredible live. And they threw in a few songs from their soon-to-be released “Black Sea”, which twisted my younger (and altered-state) brain into a fit of, erm, ecstacy. I stuck around for a few Police songs, but decamped for the after-show party fairly soon after. (Worked at a record store, got free tickets and admission to the party.)

    XTC showed up fairly soon thereafter (not being big Police fans themselves), I got the chance to meet and talk with them, and they were lovely guys. And then, the Police showed up. Summers and Copeland seemed nice enough, though I didn’t talk to them, but Sting shoved his way through the throng, shouldering his way past me. And I mean shouldering–I was black and blue around the shoulder the next day.

    No big though at the time; I just ordered another gin & tonic and had fun with my friends. And Sting probably wound up with the girl he was headed towards. I didn’t care–I had a freshly autographed copy of “Drums And Wires” and was happy as a clam.

    And, as we all know, the Police got bigger and bigger, and XTC had to make do with the occasional success…”Senses Working Overtime”, “Dear God”, et al.


    I do have a friend who’s gonna love this, though…thanks again, Gordon!

    1. Well Anna – you know I’m a huge XTC fan, but I try to run a democratic ship. I’m with you in the fan part – but being a history kind of guy, I can’t often play favorites. But I will confess I wouldn’t mind running XTC concerts most weekends. I’ll make it up to you – I promise!
      Thanks for all your kind words always.

  3. Gordon, thank YOU for posting the wide variety of things that you do–I’ve greatly enjoyed the amazing variety of rock/pop/country/classical et al that you’ve shared. I simply have a childish tendency to be snarky sometimes, and Sting brings it out in me. As I said, I’m sure that most of your readership will greatly enjoy this show…the Police weren’t one of the biggest groups of their time for no reason.

    Having said that, some XTC would be welcomed! 🙂

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