Senators Scott, Goldwater and Rhodes leaving White House - they doth protesteth too much.

Senators Scott, Goldwater and Rhodes leaving White House - they doth protesteth too much.
Senators Scott, Goldwater and Rhodes leaving White House – they doth protesteth too much.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – News reports and bulletins – August 7, 1974 – ABC Information Network – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

Since history was made on August 8th in 1974, it was still unfolding on August 7th.

Forty years ago today rumors were rampant over the impending resignation of President Nixon. Attempts at spin were ringing hollow, despite the persistence that Nixon had no intention of resigning.

Starting off with a news bulletin regarding the just-concluded White House meeting between Nixon and Senators Hugh Scott, Barry Goldwater and John Rhodes and an impromptu Press conference where Barry Goldwater vehemently denied any talk of Nixon resigning – calling the assertions “goddamn lies”. The claims were met with an air of skepticism as a flood of “informed sources” said otherwise. But it was assured, no matter what, Nixon was not resigning on this day.

Still, it was news America was engrossed by – to the exclusion of practically all other news. And even though there was intense fighting going on in Cyprus between Greek and Turkish Cypriots with a crisis situation looming in the Mediterranean, it was given scant notice in mainstream media, in favor of the events at home.

And all day speculation was rife – anyone who looked reasonably informed was offered an opinion as to what was going to happen next. We were, in fact, sailing into uncharted territory. We didn’t have a Presidential resignation before this – we didn’t know what to expect. The House was moving to impeach and the evidence was piling up. But the brave faces were out in force attempting to tell us there was nothing to be concerned about – nothing to see – just keep moving.

And that’s how this day rolled; August 7th 1974 as reported by ABC Information Network News.

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