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October 16, 1964 – An Absence Of Nikita – Shakeup In The Kremlin

Become a Patron! The stunning news, on this October 16, 1964, was the revelation that Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev had been removed from office in what many believed to be a bloodless coup on the parts of hardliners. Afraid that Khruschev was getting a little too soft toward the West,...

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Saturday Night Massacre – The Watergate Odyssey – 1973 – Past Daily Reference Room

Saturday Night Massacre – CBS Radio News Bulletins – October 19-20, 1973 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – The infamous Saturday Night Massacre. At the height of the Watergate Scandal and the eventual toppling of the Nixon Presidency, the move to oust Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox, which was met by...

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You’re A Teenager – It’s 1970 – You Live In San Francisco – You’re Going To Turn 18 – If You’re A Guy, You’re Worried.

KYA – San Francisco – Bwana Johnny – June 20, 1970 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – If you were turning 18 anytime between 1965 and 1973, you were preoccupied with the Draft. In case you missed it – The Draft was involuntary induction into the Military, and once you...

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Report Card On Black America – Black Journal – January 27, 1969 – Past Daily Reference Room

Black Journal – Report Card on Black America – January 27, 1969 – NET-TV – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Fifty years ago, we were still very much in the midst of a long and contentious Civil Rights battle in America. This program, a monthly news feature of the pre-PBS...

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“My Name Is Tania” – Symbionese Liberation Army Communiqué Of June 6, 1974 – Past Daily Pop Chronicles

Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) – Communiqué of June 6, 1974 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – One of the big news events of 1974, aside from the daily revelations of Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal, was the kidnapping of newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst by a group calling themselves the...

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A Few Words From Woodward And Bernstein – 1976 – Past Daily Reference Room

Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward – interview from NPR’s Options – April 23, 1976 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – As our current state of affairs unfold like the convoluted and sinister plot in a straight-to-video b-movie, the historic importance of our present moments offer a reminder of another time,...