Oh Christ - more pitching!

Past Daily Spring Fundraiser – Communiqué 2

Oh Christ - more pitching!
Oh Christ – more pitching!


Past Daily 2016 Spring Fundraiser – Communiqué Number 2


Two days into it. Things are going slow, but they’re going – word is starting to get out. Donors are telling their friends, asking questions, and promising to do what they can to help out.  With all the appeals from all the political, social and personal groups out there, it’s overwhelming. So how is my appeal different from all the others? For one thing – I offer news, history, pop culture and information you can’t find anyplace else. I know – i’ve looked. Where else can you go where you can hear an FDR speech, listen to Los Angeles radio from 1965, listen to a concert from the 1970s, listen to a concert recorded an hour earlier or an interview with a long-gone icon that no one’s ever heard before, all on one site? Past Daily – we have all that, and a lot more – and we do it every day. Rare and interesting slices of history – history to remind you, history to interest you,  history to let you know that some things just happen over and over. And Past Daily isn’t like some sites, who do a huge document dump and let you figure it out. We write about what you’re listening to – tell you the story – let you know why it’s important – give you the background; make it an adventure in listening.  When I was a kid, and getting into music, I would spend hours at my favorite record store, and without fail, the person behind the counter would look at what I was getting and ask if I knew about this band or this piece of music. Sure, they were trying to get me to buy more, but more importantly, they were turning me on to new things – expanding my horizons, getting me to make new discoveries. Most of those discoveries changed my life , and I am forever grateful to those people behind the counter who played a hunch that I was interested in knowing more. That’s what Past Daily is all about – we’re the people behind the counter, turning you on to things, playing a hunch you want to know more.

And that’s why I need your help in keeping it going – if you can chip in, even the price of a cup of coffee, that would help keep the website up and help fund the costs of keeping the Archive up and running and preserving the thousands of hours we’re still working on.

So give what you can – we’ll be pitching for the next month – forgive me if it’s annoying. I promise not to be a pain, but the only support I have is from you. Please click on the link in the box below and make a difference.

Till next time,


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