Prince & The Revolution – Birthday 1984 – (RIP: Prince – 1958-2016) – Past Daily Tribute Edition

Prince - photo: Nandy McClean
Prince – in a year with too much loss – more loss, (photo: Nandy McClean)

Prince & The Revolution – Birthday Concert – First Avenue, Minneapolis – June 7, 1984 –

There are no words. In a year, already crowded with loss beyond imagination, we add one more – another loss – another stare of disbelief – another series of heartbroken questions. The loss of Prince is especially painful – not just because of his youth, but because of his overpowering energy, the creative spirit which burned with searing intensity, the seemingly limitless possibilities, still left to be discovered – all are gone now – all that’s left is silence.

Having worked with Prince on a number of his videos throughout the 80s, as well as those of proteges and side-projects, I remember the boundless energy, the constant stream of ideas, the shaping and sculpting – the restless perfection that went into everything he did. It wasn’t just relegated to the recording studio, it was in every aspect of his creative life. They were great times – they were exhausting times – I don’t remember any of us on the crew getting much sleep when a Prince project was happening, but the end result was purely Prince – it had his stamp on it, and it was always amazing.

Like everyone I’ve been running into today, it’s been hard to put into words what the loss has meant – hard to express the overwhelming feelings of sadness that we won’t be able to see one more Prince concert, be astounded one more time, be amazed yet again.

So, as a way of expressing my sorrow for the loss, but the joy of having seen him and worked with him, I found this concert; a celebration – his birthday concert from June 7, 1984 – presumably recorded for broadcast, and featuring his milestone backup band, The Revolution, recorded at First Avenue in Minneapolis. It’s a tribute to a consummate artist, an eloquent voice and an astonishing performer.

Sadly, the concert wasn’t filmed – you don’t get to see the spectacle he crafted for each concert, including this one. This concert you just get to listen – see with your ears. Experience on a one-to-one basis and be glad he was here. It is offered out of loving respect and admiration for a timeless voice and remembrance and reminder of a terrible loss.

Rest In Peace.

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  1. Thanks so much for this. I’m in mourning.
    Amazing, amazing set.
    For the interested, here’s the setlist:

    Prince & The Revolution at First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, USA
    June 7th, 1984 (Prince’s 26th birthday.)

    17 Days
    Our Destiny
    Roadhouse Garden
    All Day, All Night (Jill Jones cover)
    Noon Rendezvous (Sheila E. cover)
    Erotic City
    Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)
    When Doves Cry

    Irresistible Bitch

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