Daily Archive: June 30, 2016


ABC – In Concert From Paris 1983 – Past Daily Soundbooth

ABC In concert from Paris – February 14, 1983. ABC were at the forefront of New Wave – largely a reaction to the determined messiness of Punk, New Wave was the polar opposite. Clean, well turned-out, synthesizer-based, somewhat over-produced and perfect for the burgeoning market made possible by MTV in...

Wendell Willkie

June 28, 1940 – Wendell Willkie Accepts The Nomination

Wendell Willkie – Acceptance Speech – Republican Convention – June 28, 1940 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Wendell Willkie was the 1940 GOP Presidential Candidate. After six ballots, Willkie, who hadn’t actively campaigned for the nomination, emerged as the nominee for the party. Willkie was not a politician in...

Anticipating Invasion

June 30, 1940 – Anticipating Invasion – The Dark Days Of Summer – The Collective Holding Of Breath

We could use the support: Become a Patron! June 30, 1940 – The news was ominous and hardly upbeat. France had surrendered to Germany only days earlier. Word from Berlin was, the anticipated invasion of Britain could happen within days or weeks. Britons were expecting the worst and were preparing...