Vietnam - the turning point

Vietnam - 1965 would be the turning point.

Vietnam - the turning point
Vietnam – 1965 would be the turning point.

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In what was described by commanders in the field as the worst fighting since The Korean War, the war in Vietnam took a new and deadly turn, this day in July, 1965. Despite attempts by The Pentagon to downplay the severity of the situation, the writing was on the wall that our role in Vietnam was going to be long and protracted one. With that in mind, Congress voted to increase Military Pay, asking for considerably more than President Johnson requested.

In other news – reports from Cape Kennedy indicated the flight of Gemini 5 was on schedule and ready for its planned August launch. Since July 19th came on a Monday in 1965, it was also reported that the Maritime Strike had now entered its sixth week and concerns were voiced that this would have a direct effect on the shipping of Military supplies to Vietnam.

Meanwhile, word came that former South Korean President Singman Rhee had passed away at the age of 90. From Athens came word of a power struggle developing in the Greek government and that violence was threatened. On Capitol Hill, hearings were underway regarding the recently contained situation in the Dominican Republic.

A dispute was developing in diplomatic relations between the U.S. and France over alleged spy plane activity over French Nuclear facilities.The Indian government expressed fear that a wave of Communist influence was spreading throughout India as the result of recent economic troubles in that country.

And private funeral services were held in Bloomington Illinois for Adlai Stevenson, while memorial tributes were underway at the United Nations in New York. Stevenson suddenly passed away on July 14 in London.

So went this July 19th, 1965 as reported on The CBS World News Roundup with Dallas Townsend.

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