Daily Archive: February 17, 2020

Number One Cup - Peel Session - 1997

Number One Cup – In Session – 1997 – Past Daily Soundbooth

If you can support us, click the button right here: Become a Patron! Number One Cup – In session for John Peel – March 11, 1997 – BBC Radio 1 – Indie from Chicago to start the week. Number One Cup with their second of two sessions, recorded for John...

Kamikaze Attacks in Pacific

February 17, 1945 – Objective: Tokyo – Raids Over Europe – Rumor Of An Invasion – Hostage Drama In Manila

Being a Patron is a life-saver, in case you were wondering: Become a Patron! February 17, 1945 – During their weekly wrapup of news on the War, reports came in of rumored allied landings at Iwo Jima and a second straight day of B-29 raids over Tokyo. In the interview...