Y-Day At The Bowl - 1964

Y-Day At The Bowl: By 1964, screaming for anything was a given.

By 1964, screaming for anything was a given.
Y-Day At The Bowl: By 1964, screaming for everything was a given.

1964 Y-Day At The Hollywood Bowl – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

The follow-up year to the classic 1963 Hollywood Bowl Y-Day concert, which featured The Beach Boys and a host of Surf and Pop bands, the 1964 edition was a pretty tame affair by comparison.

Weeks earlier, The Beatles made their first appearance at The Hollywood Bowl and rock concerts were never to be the same. So this 1964 edition tries vainly to keep the tradition going by offering what had been a variety show format so successful before, but getting a bit stale by now. Even though the audience (some 10,000 teenagers) screamed quite a lot.

In 1963, the concert concluded with The Beach Boys. In 1964, the concert concluded with Paul Petersen. But the concert did have several acts which have probably never been heard in a live setting – so even this concert is historic for a lot of reasons.

As well as Paul Petersen, featured acts were The Premiers, The Superbs, The Munsters Band (I have no idea who was in this group, but I’m sure I will find out soon enough), Gil Shelton, Johnny Andrea, Round Robin, Bobby Sherman, Veronica Cartwright, Angela Cartwright, Fess Parker, Ray Walston, Los Angeles Angels Baseball players Dean Chance and Jimmy Piersall, Randy Boone and Vince Howard. MC duties are shared by the venerable Art Linkletter and Wink Martindale from KFWB. From the announcements it appears this concert was also delayed-broadcast by CBS Radio, but I can’t find a record of it happening.

A little over an hour and loaded with 60s Pop history. If you missed the 1963 Y-Day Hollywood Bowl show I posted several years ago, you can find it here (1963 Y-Day at The Hollywood Bowl). Together they make for an interesting glimpse into the live concert part of Pop music history. It’s changed a lot since then.

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