Europe - August 29-30, 1939

Europe In August - Within hours - a war.

Europe In August – Within hours – a war.
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European News in English – Aug. 29-30, 1939 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

With a state of war in Europe literally hours away, and all diplomatic attempts failed, the world waited for the shooting to start.

Nevile Henderson handed Joachim von Ribbentrop the British government’s reply at midnight. “His Majesty’s Government repeat that they reciprocate the German Government’s desire for improved relations, but it will be recognized that they could not sacrifice the interests of other friends in order to obtain that improvement”, the note explained. “They fully understand that the German Government cannot sacrifice Germany’s vital interests, but the Polish Government are in the same position and His Majesty’s Government believe that the vital interests of the two countries are not incompatible.” The note expressed “reservation in regard to the statement of the particular demands put forward” by Germany, but said that German proposals would be “fully examined” during discussions. Europe waited.

Here are three newscasts from Europe, in English via shortwave. The first is from Radio Warsaw, the second is from Radio Berlin and the third from EIAR in Rome, all broadcast late on August 29th and early August 30th 1939. The sound on the Polish broadcast is rough and not complete, but its significant and probably hasn’t been heard since it was first broadcast.

History from the perspective of not knowing the outcome.

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