President Ford Campaigning - September 1976 0

September 5, 1976 – Ford And Carter On The Campaign Trail – The Situation In Soweto

Become a Patron! September 5, 1976 – President Ford and Governor Jimmy Carter hot on the campaign trail, while back in Washington, plans were being finalized over the Debates; three between Presidential candidates and one between vice-Presidential candidates. Jimmy Carter’s campaign was slated to officially open on Labor Day, but...

Joe Liggins - Jubilee 1945 0

Jimmie Lunceford, Joe Liggins, Effie Smith – Jubilee -1945 – Past Daily Downbeat

Jubilee – Armed Forces Radio Service – June 11, 1945 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Here is a prime example of just how diverse and all-inclusive Jazz was (and still is). Jubilee was one of the most popular programs aired to service personnel during and just after World War...