Germany's von Ribbentrop - Yugoslavia's Cvetchovich -  Sealing the deal - sealing the fate.
Germany‘s von Ribbentrop – Yugoslavia’s Cvetkovich – Sealing the deal – sealing the fate.

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News for this day in 1941 had much to do with the War in Europe and long-term plans. The Balkans were the issue, with British moves in Syria and Turkey, attempting to secure a pathway in what the Germans felt was an attack on Germany from the South. And similarly, German overtures in Yugoslavia and Bulgaria and the meetings between Romania’s Antonescu meeting with Herman Goering in Vienna on this day was expected to yield a positive outcome for Germany, to be announced by the end of the day.

Meanwhile, Germany was voicing strong objection to the flood of anti-German war films coming out of Hollywood, and the threatened ban of Hollywood movies in Axis countries as the result. Germany claimed the loss of Hollywood films in Axis countries would amount to some 40% of overseas income to American studios.

From London came reports that German bombers staged raids the previous night, attacking targets in the Cardiff area with little reported damage. The raids were said to be on a small scale and ended by midnight. Because of bad weather over the Continent, British bombers didn’t stage any reciprocal raids over Germany. News of a successful raid off the Norwegian coast was reported, with British troops taking a number of prisoners. Additional news was said to be forthcoming in a later communique. Britain’s part of the Balkan news came in the form of news that diplomatic ties between London and Sofia were broken. This ahead of expected news that Bulgaria was joining the Axis. Rumors, but not substantiated, were reports that Yugoslavia’s Prince Paul was on a visit to Berlin to discuss the worsening situation in the Balkans.

On Capitol Hill – fears of another American Expeditionary Force prompted Senator Ellender of Louisiana to draft an amendment to the Lease-Lend Bill which would say there was nothing in the bill to authorize the President to send ships and other forces abroad. This came on the heels of a flood of letters anxious mothers and fathers were sending to Senators, concerned another shooting war would be coming sooner rather than later.

All that, and a lot more for this March 5th in 1941 as presented by News Of The World from NBC.

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