Tanks rolled in before the ink was dry.

Tanks rolled in before the ink was dry.
Tanks rolled in before the ink was dry.
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News for this day in 1941 was ominous but not unexpected. Bulgaria, reeling under the oppressive weight of the Nazi Government, relented and signed a Tripartite Treaty (i.e. surrender) to Germany, thus bringing one more country under the influence/domination of Berlin.

Radio Berlin was reported to have said the move was greeted with “enthusiasm” by the Bulgarian people, who were “fearful of British intervention in the region” and had willingly joined the Tripartite as a matter of protection.

With Bulgaria out of the picture, the subject turned to the matter of Turkey and Greece and where they stood with reference to Berlin. There was the rumor of a similar ultimatum being handed to Greece as was handed to Bulgaria. But it was all a matter of speculation, and we were, for the time, staying comfortably out of the picture. Spring was arriving and German troops were once again on the move.

Meanwhile, the annual Leipzig Spring Trade Fair opened to much fanfare, with buyers and exhibitors from all over Europe (ones Germany wasn’t at war with), including 600 businessmen from Paris who arrived by special train.

Back on Capitol Hill – opposition to the latest Lend-Lease Bill had temporarily frozen the measure in Congress, with some Senators claiming the latest bill was illegal, in that it gave the President powers to appropriate and dispose of taxpayers properties without further Congressional okay. Speculation was the bill’s analysis  suggested an unconstitutional grant of power to the President to give away American ships or any other defense material which had provided for by American taxpayer monies by appropriations of Congress. A few opposing Senators called the measure insanity, likening it to going over “Niagara Falls in a rowboat”. Others accused the pro-Lend/Lease Senators of being “bought” by influential bankers and other interests in support of U.S. involvement in the War.

And so it went.

Just a sample of what went on this March 3rd in 1941 as presented by the NBC Blue Network’s News Of The World.

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