Bosnia - July 1993

Bosnia - July 1993 - Welcome to madness.

July 28, 1993 – To Launch Airstrikes Over Bosnia – Driving 150,000 Lebanese From Their Homes – Taking Up Aid For Flood Victims.

Bosnia - July 1993
Bosnia – July 1993 – Welcome to madness. (Photo: Magnum)
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July 28, 1993 – A world laced with conflict. In Bosnia, the conflict between Serbs and Croats continued; with regular shelling and raining sniper fire in Bosnia. President Clinton was weighing the very real possibility of launching airstrikes in support of UN troops on the ground. If he gave the green light, U.S. warplanes could be in action over Bosnia/Herzegovina within hours. In response to reporters questions, Clinton said the U.S. had not been formally asked to provide air cover for UN troops in Bosnia. And if the request came, he said it would be given serious consideration. But he left little doubt about what his answer would be, reiterating that it was a long-standing position of the United States that, if United Nations troops were attacked, they would do their part to protect them by performing airstrikes over the region. A senior White House official said American war planes were already in position in Italy and on the aircraft carrier Roosevelt in the Adriatic if Mr. Clinton gave the green-light. President was described as “very upset’ by the ongoing shelling of Sarajevo.

Israel’s massive air, ground and naval bombardment of South Lebanon’s villages continued for a fourth day, creating a tide of refugees estimated at 150,000. That was what Israel had intended and Prime Minister Rabin was quoted as saying those villages will stay empty until Lebanon moves to halt attacks by Hezbollah. On this day, Israel eased their bombardments long enough to give villagers a chance to evacuate.

And floods in the Mid-West were causing high anxiety as levees in Kansas were so far holding back record crests on the flood Missouri and Kansas rivers, but for how long? Flood relief money was making its way through Congress with the Senate prepared to move as quickly as possible on the $3 billion emergency flood relief bill passed by a squeaker vote the night before. Both Democrats and Republicans saw the immediate need for flood relief as the situation was quickly turning dire – many felt the $3billion wasn’t nearly enough to cover the damage.

And that’s just a small sample of what went on, this July 28, 1993 as reported by The CBS World News Roundup.

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