Daily Archive: February 25, 2021

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February 25, 1948 – An Election On The Horizon – Washington: Same As It Ever Was – Palestine: War Over Partition

February 25, 1948 – Baukhage Talking – ABC Radio Network – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – February 25, 1948 – News and commentary from H.R. Baukhage, starting with news from Washington and the upcoming Presidential election on the horizon. Still months off, but already predictions were flooding in – none...

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Defining What Is Beat – View From The West Coast – 1958 – Past Daily Reference Room/Pop Chronicles

Background For Headlines: The Beat Generation – CBS-West Coast/KNX, Los Angeles – 1958 – USC Digital Library Collection – With the passing earlier this week of Beat Generation icon, publisher and activist Lawrence Ferlinghetti, attention has been drawn to that period of our cultural history that has, to a degree,...

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February 25, 1945 – Otherwise Uninhabited – Iwo Jima –

February 25th, 1945 news was crammed with reports of great advances in Europe. The Allied armies were on the outskirts of Cologne, and whatever setbacks occurred during the Battle of The Bulge in December had now been erased and the drive was on to Berlin. But the big news of...