Memorial for Ron Brown  - somber weekend.
Memorial for Ron Brown – somber weekend.
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A somber weekend – the bodies of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and 32 associates were flown back to Washington from Dubrovnik Croatia where Brown’s plane crashed, killing all on board. President Clinton was particularly saddened by the deaths, calling Ron Brown his great and good friend. Brown and the others were part of a team sent to Dubrovnik to set up re-building efforts for the war-torn Croatia.

In other news – a group calling itself The Freemen, holed up in a compound in Montana, was continuing its standoff, but it wasn’t clear for how much longer. At news time, it was confirmed that two people from the compound left during the night, surrounded by FBI Agents. When asked if more of the group were planning on exiting the compound, an FBI Agent was heard to say “you’re on the right track”.

The Unabomber case was taking shape as FBI Agents were busy sifting through a mountain of evidence seized at the cabin of Math Professor Theodore Kaczyinski near Helena Montana. So far, FBI and ATF Agents have found chemicals and bomb making materials in the cabin. Kaczynski was being held in a single cell with glass windows for close watch. Officials said he was not suicidal.

Meanwhile, Charles Ray Polk, the man convicted of attempting to blow up an IRS center in Austin Texas faced a life sentence for what was characterized as a consuming hatred for the IRS.

Convicted Child Molester and Sex Offender Larry Don McQuay, scheduled to be released from prison in a few days, requested to be castrated before his release. McQuay who was convicted of molesting more than 200 children, said he would continue abusing children after he was released and promised to kill his next victim unless the castration took place.

And the infamous Menendez Brothers re-trial was taking another bizarre twist, with revelations a Psychiatrist edited his notes at the request of Leslie Abramson, Eric Menendez‘ high-profile Attorney. The new allegations raised the question of Attorney misconduct and there was a move for a mistrial. After several hours of closed-door meetings, Judge Stanley Weisberg dismissed the request for a mistrial and the proceeding lurched forward.

All this, and a whole pile more mayhem and grief, this April 6th in 1996, as reported by The CBS World News Roundup.

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