John F. Kennedy

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G. Mennen Williams Goes To Africa – Meet The Press – 1961 – Past Daily Weekend Reference Room

  G. Mennen Williams – Meet The Press – Discussion on Africa – March 28, 1961 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection When Assistant Secretary Of State for African Affairs G. Mennen Williams returned from a month-long tour of sixteen African nations, he returned with a suitcase full of mixed messages....

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October 17, 1960 – Senator John F. Kennedy At Wittenburg University, Springfield Ohio – Past Daily Reference Room

Senator John F. Kennedy – Campaign Address at Wittenburg University, Springfield Ohio – October 17, 1960 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Senator John F. Kennedy – 57 years ago today. On the campaign trail for the Presidency, Senator John F. Kenndy speaking before a capacity audience at Wittenburg University...

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JFK Addresses The Boy Scouts Of America – 1962 – When Presidents Were Presidential

JFK – Remarks for Boy Scout Week – February 8, 1962 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – President Kennedy, saluting the representative Scout family, chosen by The Boy Scouts Of America for Scout Week on February 8, 1962. Yes, Scouting has been an American tradition, going back to 1910 and...

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Charles Munch With The Boston Symphony In An American Premier By Leonard Bernstein – 1964 – Past Daily Weekend Gramophone

  Leonard Bernstein – Symphony Nr. 3 “Kaddish” – Boston Symphony, conducted by Charles Munch – January 10, 1964 – BSO Broadcast An American premier of a work by one of Americas most notable Cultural figures; Leonard Bernstein. His Symphony Number 3, subtitled Kaddish was dedicated as a memorial to...