Even in 1948 we were a  fear-driven and cynical bunch.

Even in 1948 we were a fear-driven and cynical bunch.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Chicago University Roundtable – Feelings, Emotions and World Problems – October 31, 1948

Strange to consider now, but in 1948 the second International Symposium on Feelings and Emotions was being held in Chicago. The purpose of the symposium was to try and get a better understanding of the correlation between emotions, feelings and World problems. One of those subjects was How effective can research into human feelings and emotions have on delivering mankind from the menace of war? What could the latest scientific research on emotional problems feelings contribute to our understanding of war?

Not a subject to be taken lightly, especially since such luminaries as Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud were writing on the subject at length.

But it was rather new at the time. We came out of a long and devastating war and we were teetering on the edge of another one. The stakes were much higher in 1948 than they were even in 1939. A scant 9 years and we had developed the ability to eradicate life on Earth as we knew it.

That alone was enough to make people nervous and edgy, and our scientific community wanted to know why – what part did emotions play in driving a nation to war?

An interesting discussion, to which there was really no solution – only a series of studies as to why we were that way.

But in 1948, at least they were starting to ask before it was too late.

Here is that episode of The Chicago University Roundtable, from October 31, 1948 on the subject of Feelings and Emotions and World Problems.

Mixed communication with disastrous results.

Mixed communication with disastrous results.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – CBS World News Roundup + Newsbreak + 9:00 am News – October 31, 1979 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

Starting off the day with a tragedy, this October 31st in 1979.

Beginning with news of a Western Airlines DC-10 from Los Angeles to Mexico City crashing at Mexico City Airport with, at the time, an undetermined number of fatalities. The crash apparently happened as the result of mistaken runways due to fog. The plane touched down and then veered off the runway for unknown reasons and lost control. Reports were sketchy as the accident occurred just minutes before.

In other news – Birmingham Alabama elected its first Black Mayor – a prospect that would have been unthinkable 10 years earlier. By a slim but decisive margin, Birmingham elected Richard Arrington, former City Councilman and now Mayor. Arrington was now the 3rd Black Mayor of a major Southern city.

SCOTUS was weighing in on the question of whether or not to make transcripts of Henry Kissinger‘s telephone conversations with Presidents Nixon and Ford public. It was considered to be the juiciest of conversations, which took place while Kissinger was Secretary of State under Nixon and Ford. Kissinger argued the transcripts were never meant to be scrutinized, and even so, they wouldn’t be available for 25 years. The Press argued the conversations were up for public scrutiny under the Freedom of Information Act, which a lower court agreed. The Kissinger lawyers took the matter to the Supreme Court and were waiting a verdict.

Also – Chrysler was expected to release it’s financial statement for the 3rd Quarter on this day. Anylists were predicting the statement would be swimming in red ink to the tune of perhaps $1 billion. The Chrysler losses were not expected to be any kind of good news for the country, and even Chrysler was telling everyone to prepare for the worst.

And the President’s Commission on the 3-Mile Island Nuclear disaster from earlier in the year were submitting their findings to President Carter. That too wasn’t expected to bring a lot of good news.

Ted Kennedy got some additional support from the National Treasury Employees Union in his bid to take away the Presidential re-election of Jimmy Carter in 1980. It was expected to be a busy and contentious year ahead.

And the FCC said the Television industry failed to meet its obligations in the area of Children’s programming, not even coming up with the minimum of 2 1/2 hours of programming to school-age children each WEEK, and 5 hours per week of programming to pre-school age children.

’nuff said.

And that’s just a small slice of what went on this October 31st in 1979 via the CBS World News Roundup and CBS Radio News.

Blaudzun - Dutch singer-songwriter crossing borders nicely.

Blaudzun – Dutch singer-songwriter crossing borders nicely.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Blaudzun – live at Lowlands 2014 – VPRO/3VOOR12

Continuing our look at Summer Festivals from Europe this year with a set from Blaudzun at the 2014 Lowlands Festival.

Blaudzun is a Dutch singer-songwriter (real name: Johannes Sigmond) who spent a number of years with other bands around the Netherlands before branching out on his own in 2006.

Since then, he’s done quite well, gathering a good word of mouth and and four albums to his credit (including one U.S. release – Heavy Flowers which came out in 2012). He’s appeared at SXSW and CMJ festivals and he’s had a pretty heavy touring schedule this year, with October through January 2015 concentrating on home turf.

No word on any U.S. dates, but in the meantime you can familiarize yourself with Blaudzun by cranking this set up from earlier this Summer and checking out what else he’s been up to.

Figuring out the Smiley-Face thing.

Figuring out the Smiley-Face thing.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – CBS Radio News – October 30, 1999

By all accounts, a slow News day, this October 30th in 1999.

President Clinton announced he would be expanding the Public’s right to know when companies are using what he called “some of the most dangerous chemicals ever known”. Beginning in January of 2000, The EPA will lower the threshold in which companies will have to make public their use of such chemical as Mercury, PCB’s and Dioxin.

Federal investigators also wanted to know why Boeing waited years to release their findings of a study of fuel tank problems on its Jumbo Jets. The information would have been useful during the investigation of the crash of TWA flight 800 in 1996, but Boeing insisted their findings and the crash investigation findings weren’t relevant.

The President and Mrs.Clinton were among the mourners at the funeral of Rhode Island Republican Senator John Chaffey who died earlier in the week of heart failure.

Another incident in the West Bank, where 5 Israelis were wounded when a group of Palestinian gunman fired on an Israeli bus in what was believed to be an ambush on the parts of the Palestinians. The attack came on the eve of a Israeli-Palestinian Summit meeting with President Clinton in Oslo in the hopes of giving a boost to Middle-East Peace talks.

Twenty-five years ago, on October 30th 1974 – the Rumble In The Jungle – the milestone fight between Muhammed Ali and George Foreman in Zaire which saw Ali retake the World Heavyweight Championship. Foreman reflects on the moment and the man. Foreman’s defeat became a turn-around in his life and he became a Preacher.

In 1999, you would be getting ready to set your clocks back on this night.

And President Clinton decided Cyberspace was the place to get his point across. The President announced he would be holding the first presidential on-line Chat on November 8. Many felt it was a good idea in improving communications between The White House and the voter, however they indicated Cyberspace wouldn’t be too useful as a political tool. Ha!

And that’s a little of what went on this October 30th in 1999 as presented by CBS Radio News.

Elephant Stone - bringing their mix of mind-melting madness to the Festival.

Elephant Stone – bringing their mix of mind-melting madness to the Festival.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Elephant Stone – Live At Best Kept Secret 2014 – VPRO/3VOOR12 – Netherlands

Continued our look back at Summer Festival season for 2014.

On the radar as Band To Watch for 2014 (and probably 2015,2016 and beyond), Montreal-based Elephant Stone brought their mind-melting magic to this years Best Kept Secret Festival.

One of those bands making inroads as part of the New Psych Movement, Elephant Stone are a wonderful mix of Psych/Alt and Indie. If you aren’t familiar with them, definitely check them out here. I ran them earlier this year in a session setting, and even though it was an enjoyable set, in a concert setting they are a different story. And I have high hopes for this band.

The current state of affairs with bands like Temples, Jagwar Ma, Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and a bunch of others, is a clear indication the groundwork set up by bands from Manchester in the 90s continues with their own take on things. Diving back a bit further to the era of Syd Barrett/Pink Floyd and Kevin Ayers/Robert Wyatt Soft Machine, they are coming up with some good ideas and bringing everything forward. Good stuff. It doesn’t lose freshness. Honest.

Okay – crank this one up. You know who my favorites are.

Tatiana Troyanos, along with Peter Hoffmann perform Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde.

Tatiana Troyanos, along with Peter Hoffmann perform Mahler’s Das Lied von der Erde.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Los Angeles Philharmonic – Carlo Maria Giulini, cond. – Nov. 9, 1980 – Part 1
Click on the link here for Audio Player – Los Angeles Philharmonic – Carlo Maria Giulini, cond. – Nov. 9, 1980 – Part 2

Another historic concert this week. From Los Angeles, during their 1980-1981 season, a concert by the L.A. Philharmonic, conducted by Carlo Maria Giulini and featuring mezzo-Soprano Tatiana Troyanos and Tenor Peter Hoffmann in Gustav Mahler‘s Das Lied von der Erde, recorded in concert on November 9, 1980.

The concert begins with Haydn‘s Symphony Number 94 “Surprise” and continues with the Mahler. The concert is on two players; the Haydn on top and the Mahler on the bottom.

Needless to say, it’s calming and historic all at the same time.

Enjoy – it IS Anti-Road Rage Wednesday, after all.

America was slowlly dragging itself out of a depression, but there was still a lot left to do.

America was slowlly dragging itself out of a depression, but there was still a lot left to do.

Click on the link here for Audio Player - The 1935 Mobilization for Human Needs – October 24, 1935 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

Slowly digging out from a devastating depression, America was still a long ways off from prosperity. Cities were still reeling under the effects of unemployment and loss of income. But things were turning around.

One of the ideas whose time had come was the idea of the Mobilization for Human Needs – a fundraising drive by which individuals and not companies, helped out those less fortunate, or going through hard times.

And during this 1935 Rally to celebrate the launch of the 1935 campaign, President Roosevelt was on hand to give a pep talk, bolster the confidence of the people and offer hope to those who needed it so badly.

The Mobilization For Human Needs drives were a yearly event right up to the beginning of the War. In addition to Government assistance (which now included Social Security), there was the additional aspect of the human touch – neighbor helping neighbor, not government coming to the rescue. And this bolstered the confidence in the out of work professional as well as day-laborer.

The rallies were big affairs – this one not only featured President Roosevelt, but also members of local government (the program emanated from Detroit) and the Detroit Symphony performed.

Here is FDR’s portion.

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