History's little cliffhanger.
History’s little cliffhanger.

The fellow in the cartoon, the one hanging off a cliff. The one with the word Bryan hanging out of his pocket. Any idea who that is?

History buffs immediately know it’s William Jennings Bryan. Most people will go, who?

The name William Jennings Bryan was universally known throughout the country during the last part of the 19th century and the first part of the 20th century. Running three times for President, a two-term Congressman from Nebraska, being appointed by President Woodrow Wilson for Secretary of State. Resigning his post because he was a pacifist. Famously involved in the Scopes trial, taking on the case of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution in court in the early 1920s. Believed in Prohibition, didn’t believe in Evolution and was a major figure in the anti-trust movement as well as the Democratic Party.

That William Jennings Bryan. He was also a famous orator and many of his speeches were recorded. And I have them.

And he’s just one of the many personalities, political figures and historic voices in my Archive. The Archive that Past Daily is an extension of. There’s William Jennings Bryan, Mohandas Gandhi, Leo Tolstoy, Teddy Roosevelt and thousands more. Great names, infamous names, unforgettable names, completely forgotten names.

That’s what the Archive is all about. Putting them online, every day. Along with pivotal and seemingly unimportant events of any given day, the music that is the glue which holds us all together. The artists and poets which move us – all that history, all that time.

Why do I do it? History is important. Movements and pivotal moments are important. They are capable of changing our lives in a matter of seconds – taking us to uncharted territory, to strange new places. Life is loaded with scary twists. But most of them have happened before -maybe not the same way, and certainly not always with the same people. But a lot of what goes on in our world is a series of repeat performances. Most of them we’ve forgotten about. Some of them we never knew about in the first place and all of them are bits of history we can learn from.

All of this is by way of telling you Past Daily and the Archive is in the midst of some financial trouble. Seems this kind of history and all these recordings don’t have the mass appeal a clothing malfunction on a viral YouTube video has – and that’s a scary twist.

But I believe in what I’m trying to do and I really believe there are enough of you out there who feel the same way. That’s why I’ve been appealing to you for most of this past month. Appealing for your support and your tax deductible contributions; chipping in whatever you can, to keep this all going, to keep history available at your fingertips.

And we’re just one day away from the end. 1 day and a little less than 40% left to raise before we can breathe. I will admit, this part is scary. Because I don’t know if I’ll be able to raise enough to keep out of danger. The padlocks are on and the notice to pay or surrender contents has been posted. They keep saying it’s “business and not personal”, but I beg to differ. But that’s another story and maybe fuel for a rant on the state of business in this country and consumer loyalty.

But for now it’s an appeal for your help – an appeal for your dollars; how many or how few of them you are comfortable in giving a tax-deductible donation of. At this point, every penny – every nickel is badly needed if Past Daily is going to continue giving you what we love best.

I’ve been giving almost daily updates on progress – some hopeful, some pessimistic. It’s been that kind of Fundraiser. No sure things and lots of cliffhangers. We’re coming up on the end and we’re still short and I am appealing to you, for one of the last remaining times, to give what you can and tell your friends. If you like what I’m doing, please support me. It’s not a lot I’m asking for, but it’s a huge debt of gratitude I’m getting.

So please click on the link below – do it today, before it’s too late. Give what you can – help preserve history and help make a difference. I cannot thank those of you who have contributed and given your time and energy enough. I am beyond grateful for your support. You make me realize there’s a lot of hope to be had out there.

Until next time . . .


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