Anita Hill - Clarence Thomas

Anita Hill: a certain "not-so-fast, buster" air swept through the halls of Congress.

There was a certain "not-so-fast, buster" air about the proceedings.
Anita Hill: There was a certain “not-so-fast, buster” air about the proceedings.

CBS World News Roundup – October 7, 1991 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

The big news for this day were the big revelations leveled at former slam-dunk SCOTUS Nominee Clarence Thomas. Some 24 hours before a Senate vote to confirm Thomas was held, a bombshell in the form of allegations of sexual misconduct, impropriety and harassment came flying down the halls of Congress from former colleague and co-worker Anita Hill. Hill, a Law Professor who had worked with Thomas at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission came forth with a freight train full of instances of sexual remarks from Thomas, including the infamous Pubic-Hair-On-The-Coke-Can incident and bringing the name Long Dong Silver to public prominence.

And although it was thought it might not hold up the Senate vote, the sound of grinding brakes and muffled screams could be heard all over Capitol Hill. The Tabloids were falling over themselves, lining up for what was sure to become the Hottest Ticket in Washington.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world on this October 7th wasn’t so spicy. The troubles in the former Yugoslavia were taking on much graver connotations, as assaults on Zagreb and other cities. Croatian casualties were mounting as the assault on Dubrovnik continued. The region was looking worse by the second and the numbers of dead were climbing and mounting in number.

All in all, a strange day – with the oddness that has come to personify Washington and the fierce violence that came to personify the former Yugoslavia, as reported on The CBS World News Roundup for October 7, 1991.

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