Daily Archive: December 18, 2020

Indo-Pakistan War - 1971

December 18, 1971 – The Perilous Road To Independence – Bangladesh And The Indo-Pakistan War Of 1971 – Past Daily Reference Room

December 18, 1971 – Address by Professor Hiren Mukherjee – All-India Radio Overseas Service – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – The Indo-Pakistan War of 1971 was a military confrontation between India’s Mitro bahini forces and Pakistan that occurred during the liberation war in East Pakistan from 3 December 1971 to...

Warsaw - December 1981

December 18, 1981 – Revenge Of The Warsaw Pressure Cooker – The Saga Of Solidarity.

The saga of Solidarity and the mass strikes in Poland continued and escalated, this December 18, 1981. Despite efforts at a crackdown and imposition of martial law, people hit the streets in the thousands to protest heavy-handed tactics of the police and military. Police responded by using rubber clubs and...

Crew of Graf Spee

December 18, 1939 – Losing A Battleship But Gaining Christmas Trees – Sinking The Graf Spee.

News for this day in 1939 had to do with the sudden scuttling and sinking of the German Battleship Graf Spee, after an intense sea battle off the Uruguayan coast. The battleship, discovered and chased by British Naval forces, sustained considerable damage and was granted safe harbor by Uruguay, who...