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G. Gordon Liddy

January 30, 1973 – The Watergate Shuffle – A Vietnam Ceasefire Of Sorts

January 30, 1973 – NBC Nightly News – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – January 30, 1973 – a day which would see the last two figures in the Watergate break-in plot were convicted and waiting on sentencing. G. Gordon Liddy and James McCord, both were convicted of conspiracy, burglary and...

Henry Kissinger

October 12, 1972 – Vietnam Peace Speculation And A Nothing Burger Named Watergate.

October 12, 1972 – NBC Nightly News – Audio – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – October 12, 1972. A Presidential election campaign in full-swing and Vietnam peace negotiations in Paris were looking hopeful. Henry Kissinger came back to Washington after four days of private meetings with North Vietnams top negotiators...

Season Of Adjustment And Discontent – December 8, 1947

Season Of Adjustment And Discontent – December 8, 1947

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – News Of The World – December 8, 1947 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection This December 8 in 1947 saw the country battling Inflation, the Cold War unfolding and American cities squabbling for bragging rights. On Capitol Hill,...