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U.S. Congress- 150th 0

March 4, 1939 – 150th Anniversary Of Congress – Past Daily Reference Room

March 4,1939 – 150th Anniversary celebrations – U.S. Congress – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – In what would become one of the most widely covered events in broadcast history up to 1939, the gala events surrounding the 150th birthday of the U.S. Congress carried on for the better part of...

Hilary Hahn with the Swedish Radio Symphony 0

Hilary Hahn With Stefan Solyom And The Swedish Radio Symphony Play Music Of Andersson, Mendelssohn And And Stravinsky 2017 – Past Daily Mid-Week Concert

Hilary Hahn, violin – Swedish Radio Symphony – Stefan Solyom, cond – January 20, 2027 – Sveriges Radio P2 – Hilary Hahn in concert this week. In performance with the Swedish Radio Symphony, conducted by Stefan Solyom and recorded live on the 20th of this month. One of the most...

Batavia - 1942 0

January 13, 1942 – The View From Batavia

January 13, 1942 – Blue Network News Of The World – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – January 13, 1942 – Beginning with news from Batavia and the war as it was taking shape in the Pacific. Despite cautiously upbeat reports, the underlying news was the Japanese were making huge gains...

Past Daily’s Spring Fundraiser Needs Your Help . . .Really. 0

Past Daily’s Spring Fundraiser Needs Your Help . . .Really.

No elegant way to put this – we’ve fallen behind in our goal for this Spring Fundraiser and we need your help. Unless we get some serious turnout for contributions in the next few days, we’re going to have to cut back the amount of posts we do each day and...