Cities On The Edge – 1975

With the latest reports of several towns in California filing for bankruptcy, and the growing problem of cities in default nationwide, I was reminded of the last time such a wave occurred. The 1970’s were a particularly harrowing period for the American city. Most famously was the economic crisis that...


July 9, 1951 – Peace Talks Kick Off In Korea

Become a Patron! This day in 1951 started off optimistically with the arrival of a UN negotiation team to Kaesong in Korea to begin Peace Talks aimed at ending the war. No easy feat, it seemed. As the road to Kaesong was roadblocked and prone to long delays by the...


Robert Kennedy Promotes Summer Jobs – July 1964.

On July 7, 1964, Attorney General Robert Kennedy addressed some 5,000 College students gathered in Washington for a Summer Jobs Seminar. He promoted the idea that, getting involved with the government and experiencing its inner workings in a hands-on environment was a great opportunity to serve, and that it could...