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July 23, 1947 – Postwar Europe – A Delicate Madness –

Click on the Link: News for July 23, 1947 News for this July 23rd in 1947 had to do with the delicate balance being struck throughout postwar Europe, and fears the unity was falling apart. The Big Three Conference was underway with discussions regarding the proposed Marshall Plan and the...


A Handshake In Space – The Week Ending July 20, 1975

Click on the Link: The World This Week – July 20, 1975 As life on Earth swirled around in its usual madness, life in Outer Space was swirling around in harmony, this week ending on July 20, 1975. The historic linkup and handshake in space by crew members of the...


Dean Rusk Talks About Vietnam, Moscow And Foreign Policy In 1962 – Past Daily Reference Room

Click to Play: Issues and Answers – Dean Rusk – July 8, 1962 In 1962 Vietnam was hardly on the map as far as our Next Big Excursion was concerned. It was still largely a matter between the South Vietnamese and “rebel forces”, and we were assured the South Vietnamese...